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Fasting in the desert, during summer, is a challenge even for the most devout. However, waking up on the first day of Ramadan comes with a lot of excitement. The holy month brings with it a sense of community, shared values and of course a sense of personal challenge. It is also a month full of wonderful traditions and ironically is full of culinary pleasures.

During Ramadan, every day is an accomplishment. And there isn’t a better way to celebrate that success than to get together with friends and family to unwind and nourish your body in preparation for the next day.

With that in mind, FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai has created a seasonal menu with all your Ramadan favourites. The Iftar buffet, hosted in BVLD on One is the perfect place to break your fast and find peaceful nourishment. The Iftar buffet costs AED 195 is available from 7.15pm until 11pm.

BOOK IFTARYou won’t want to miss Suhoor at the Beach Club Lounge at FIVE. The stunning location serves all the usual food and entertainment starting at 7.30 pm in both the Beach Club Lounge and Penthouse. Suhoor needs to be wholesome to provide enough energy to last during the long hours of fasting. The meal should give you strength and vitality since it’s the body’s primary source of energy during a Ramadan day. Pack your evening with slowly absorbed carbohydrates, proteins and fiber to make fasting easier and more tolerable. When Ramadan falls during a hot summer month, like it is this year, focus on hydrating foods like watermelon, cucumbers and strawberries.

Avaiable from 9pm in the Beach Club Lounge the set menu offers delicious choices like grilled kofta sandwich, quinoa tabbouleh salad, hot mezze salad and hummus. Although Muslims enter into a period of discipline during this month, for once indulging in desert is actually recommended. Take advantage of guilt-free Halawet Al Jeben , a fruit platter or dates during Suhour as it fills you up and provides the body with energy and sugar needed when you are fasting. Isn’t it a beautiful thing when it is recommended that one fills up on rice, bread and sugars?

This wondrous season brings many traditional practices, one of the most dramatic that you might remember is the oldest ritual of the Musaharati – the man who announces the approach of Suhoor with the beating of his drum. As an ode to the tradition of the beating of the drum, a Oud player will keep the crowed awake and entertained to the early morning with tunes that will remind us of the deep-rooted rituals and culture Ramadan brings with it.

Whether you observe the holy month of Ramadan or are simply embracing the experience, you still should revel in the cultural aspects. You can almost feel the stillness during the day and the energy of the prayer calls and breakfasts at sunset.

Some of the best memories in life are made around a Suhoor table during Ramadan. The smoky aroma in the air, and the laughter and intensity of backgammon games bring the joys of Ramadan straight into the soul. Observing the holy month is challenging and will test your strength, however, it comes with great rewards. Like a reminder of how wonderful the culture around Islam is and how amazing it is to live in a region that is filled with rich cultural traditions.


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