Posted by FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai on Apr 13 2017

Quattro Passi Brunch-3 - High Resolution.jpgThe plate arrives to your table, you study the presentation, you smell the tantalizing aroma, you slowly take the first bite and close your eyes to relish over the burst of flavours. You allow the spices to transport you to different countries, villages and farms. If this is how you eat, then you are a foodie and not just your average restaurant guest. You don’t just eat, you experience eating with all your senses.

As a gourmand, you are probably looking for a unique eatery that reflects culinary talent and adventure. If you think you’ve seen it all then you are in for a surprise. BLVD on One at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai finds new ways to entertain your palette in every bite. This dynamic, world brasserie, is a dining destination whether you are a tourist or a resident.

On the menu, Executive Chef Robert Nilsson, A.K.A. Bobbo, recreates timeless classics by adding his personal touch. He has a passion for seeking out the best aspects of cuisines from around the globe and fusing worlds like Sweden and India, and China and Africa, for a taste bud adventure.

Sure, there are a myriad of restaurants to choose from in Dubai, but you can’t really consider yourself a gastronome until you’ve dined at BLVD on One and tried the Wagyu burger. If you are going to eat one thing while in Dubai then the legendary BLVD Wagyu burger is it! Served with a roasted garlic mayo, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese, and if that’s not enough, crispy onions rings to boot. Interested in trying something else, there are plenty of bucket list-worthy eats on the menu to keep you busy for days.

The extent of the creativity is noticeable in every aspect of this brasserie. The menu, interior design and the ambiance all boast creativity. The modern open kitchen is cozy and inviting. 400 tons of marble has been incorporated into the design to provide an extraordinary dining concept that is like no other.

BLVD on One is open throughout the day with a-la-carte choices and a small yet exciting buffet to satisfy all your cravings. However, if you are looking for a genuine gastronomical experience come for an all-American BBQ every Friday for Brunch.

Any gourmand would appreciate Friday’s big smoke brunch with the outdoor BBQ is fired up and slowly grilling smoked briskets, grilled short ribs and other smoky classics in a true BBQ hearty style. The meat melts in your mouth after being slow cooked for 12 hours in the shiny black 700 kg Milwaukee smoker.. Complimented with traditional BBQ sides like pickled cabbage and cucumbers, coleslaws and corn on the cob. Of course, no brunch is complete without a drink. Replace the tradition Mimosa with the all new, signature Birchtinis.

The votes are in and the Foodie award goes to… BLVD on One!

With countless titillating flavour combinations, we are sure that BLVD On One is going to be your next food crush. The chefs are amazing professionals dedicated to serving dishes with the finest ingredients and authentic flavour arrangements. They have come together in this magical place to offer more than just passion for food but a place for food to flourish and surprise and the only thing left for you to do is order, eat and repeat.


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