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May 25, 2017 3:12:00 PM / by FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

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Viceroy - Suhoor.jpg It’s day one of Ramadan. The most anticipated moment comes at sunset. When the focus turns to the mosques, awaiting their call for prayer to announce the commencement of Iftar. The hypnotizing smell of a delicious and usually large spread is in the air. Dates are passed around and everyone is ready to turn their fast into a time of sharing with friends and family.


Ramadan is very much a social time, involving family, co-workers and community members. It is almost guaranteed that you will enjoy an Iftar out almost every day of the month and host a few yourself.


The FIVE Plam Jumeirah Dubai is the perfect place to host an Iftar during this beautiful and festive holy month. You and your guests can enjoy a traditional Iftar in a contemporary setting. A mouth-watering menu is available that will help you forget the daily challenges.


If you are planning your corporate Ramadan Iftar, the ballroom is reserved for you and any number of guests over 100. You can also host small events for around 50 guests to enjoy Iftar at the beautiful Elevate, located on the 13th floor.


Although the month is designed to bring self-purification through self-restraint, the large spread will make it difficult to resist delicious favorites like Muhammarah, Sheikh Al Mashi, and Fish Sayadia. It’s not all about the food though, there is a little exercise involved too. You do need to walk around the stations, like the pickle station and the Ouzi and Fatteh station. There is even an entire station dedicated to cheese. All the stations come together as a taste of heaven on earth, rewarding you for a day of fasting. 


Whether you are dining at Elevate or the Ballroom, you will break your fasts while looking over the beach onto the Arabian Sea. With every bite, you soak up the sunset skies and panoramic views that will humble you and remind you to be grateful for all your life blessings.


When sunset begins and the sounds of the cannons echo over the Dubai skies, announcing its arrival. Surprisingly, food and water are the last things on anyone’s mind. For a few seconds, there is silence while reveling in religious unison.


The meaning of Iftar goes beyond breaking a fast, it is time to get together to celebrate Islam and to celebrate the ability to exercise self-discipline on a long hot summer day. It is also a lesson that with great effort comes great reward. The first few sips of Kamar Al Deen will overwhelm you with nostalgia, gratefulness, happiness and pride to be part of one of the greatest practices in Islam. For an Iftar experience, a combination of scrumptious food and a magnificent location, plan your Iftar event at FIVE Palm Jumeirah this Ramadan.

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FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

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