The Spa of Decadence: FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

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FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai


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As the saying goes, “Work hard, Play hard.” With all the working and playing that is happening in our lives taking some time to ourselves and shutting down has become a necessity. We look for anything that can help us reach a Zen place and allow us to reboot so that we can take on more hard work and more play. To relax, most of us turn to working out, visiting spas, or doing yoga to relieve stress. Finding the perfect space that can accommodate all your needs is crucial and can help create a feeling of having a home away from home.

Dubai is known for it’s luxury in…well, luxury in everything! From fashion boutiques to cars to hotels and, of course, the spas. The interior design and the vast spa treatments in Dubai are unparalleled; It’s almost hard to decide which spa to choose. That is until The Spa at FIVE Palm Jumeirah opened its doors. The decision of what spa to make your own in Dubai, or the one to visit as a tourist, is now the easiest decision you will ever make.

The Spa spans two levels and features fourteen treatment rooms, four of which are open-air. A private Hammam, a relaxing pool and The Spa Café. It offers a serene oasis complete with a lounge and a fitness centre.

The FIVE has differentiated itself from other spas with remarkable new technology in spa treatment tables, using Quartz tables, that have a base of alpha-quartz sand. Based on the ancient Greek concept of “psammotherapy” warm sand alleviates pain and promotes comfort.

Try one of our Signature bespoke treatments, FIVE Desert Sensory Experience, exclusively designed along with Stephan Helary – founder of Terres D’Afrique, for FIVE Palm Jumeirah to give our guests a sensory experience awakening all five senses. Taking them from the Arabian sand dunes and California desert into the face of nature and back.  It is expertly designed to release stress from the body and encourage deep relaxation.  This multi-sensory experience begins with a powerful visual meditation, followed by an unforgettable treatment designed to stimulate touch, smell and hearing senses. Using ostrich feathers and ostrich eggs filled with warm sand and placed in strategic points of the body, your body and mind will slide into gentle relaxation. Relax and allow the scents of Oud, Frankincense and exotic African wood, the vibration of Tibetan bowls and the warm crystals of the unique quartz bed to help you enter in a deep meditative state and profound relaxation.

At the FIVE, you don’t take a dip in the pool, you experience the pool. There are three pools, including a 60-metre pool, a kid’s pool and The Spa swimming pool, which is a cozy oasis that offers adults a secluded space with a number of relaxation water features and cabanas. Swimming is not just for relaxing and fun, it has great benefits. Several studies have found that swimming can improve various measures of blood sugar control and blood pressure control. Exercising in water can also relieve joint stiffness and pain and increase flexibility. It’s easier to move around in water so it brings relief by reducing the load on knees and other joints.

In the pool area, you can start by standing under a soothing cascade at the wall-mounted water jets featuring cylindrical cross-section. Designed to produce multiple high-pressure water jets for a back and shoulder massage of medium intensity. Then move on to the Hydro Lounger massage beds located on each side of the swimming pool which are ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort. The lounger system is based on air which is injected through the base, providing a muscle-relaxing massage.

For the gym junkies, you will find a state-of-the-art fitness centre fully-equipped with Technogym’s Artis Cardio and Strength Collection, designed to create an environment that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. The gym’s unique frameless geometry allows you to move naturally and feel at ease in a quiet, unintimidating environment. Personal trainers are on hand to provide support and training programmes to suit any request.


Amid a sweeping backdrop of the gardens on the ground floor of the hotel, the gym offers natural daylight, 185 square meters of space, private fitness training and Yoga classes.

The FIVE Palm Jumeirah’s design team had your health and the health of our planet in mind when they designed this incredible gym. The equipment includes the first ever line of strength equipment with an integrated interface powered directly by the person working out. The cardio line products can harvest human energy and feed it back into the grid to be reused in real time from the facility.

Relaxation can’t be complete without a little shopping so don’t forget to pass by the integrated retail zone.

Whether you visit the pools, the gym or the spa, you will love your visit to The Spa at FIVE. You will be overwhelmed with decadence every way you turn. The only stressful part is having to leave.


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FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

Written by FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

The hotel has 469 spacious guest rooms and suites, spread across 16 floors, decorated in a simple yet elegant style with exquisite touches at every turn and breath-taking views of the Arabian Gulf. The impressive new resort has an array of stunning facilities, including outstanding dining venues hosted by world-class chefs, Vista Ballroom and a modern spa.