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FPJD The SPA  (20)-2.jpgA spa treatment can be very relaxing and rejuvenating for the mind as well as the body. But when you visit the FIVE Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, and especially the Spa, you are basically asking to be treated like a king/queen and everything good in between!

At The Spa, treatments range from a moisturizing aloe vera application on the skin, to a Body treatment on quartz crystals with rose diamonds, every visitor is treated to a world of relaxing sensory adventures, tailor made to rejuvenate the body and refresh the mind.

That, coupled with the interior of the spa, which reminds of a traditional Middle Eastern massage and wellness center which tribal sheikhs used to frequent in the olden days; featuring high, arched ceilings and a traditional Ottoman vibe, is guaranteed to envelop you in a world of comforting sanctuary with a silent ‘Marhaba’!

Desert Sensory Experience

When total Indulgence is the want and complete sensory relaxation is the ultimate goal, the Desert Sensory Experience at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah should be your go-to for all that and more.

This multi-sensory experience begins with a powerful visual meditation, followed by an impressive treatment designed to stimulate touch, smell and hearing. Using ostrich feathers  (to represent the sensation of desert wind on the body) and ostrich eggs filled with warm sand which are placed on strategic points of the body, your mind will enter a new realm of relaxation.

For 90 minutes, you can Relax as the scents of oud, frankincense and exotic African wood, the vibration of Tibetan bowls, and the warm crystals of the unique quartz bed help you enter a deep meditative state and achieve profound relaxation.

Our unique sand, sea and sun treatments use of ancient wellness techniques performed by skilled therapists, enhanced by the latest spa technology, such as the state-of-the-art MLX Quartz Bed, which uses warm sand and an innovative adjustable air cells to create wave-like motion in the sand to promote total physical and mental relaxation.

The Quartz Story

The usage of warm, smooth sand, to calm and rejuvenate the functions of the body, as a holistic health and wellbeing ritual, has long been a popular practice in the region. The Spa at FIVE Palm Jumeirah is a haven for these treatments. Guests are taken away from their present selves, and dipped in the sands of relaxation, so to speak! The tiny quartz crystal fragments in the sand balance the energy in and around the body, taking out the negative and filling in the positive, to provide the ultimate in holistic health.  Now that’s some sandy goodness!

The sand story at The Spa is one of the most unique and relaxing treatments available anywhere (even by Dubai standards), with guests being treated to specialized rituals meant to awaken the mind and body by being surrounded by sand crystals. Sounds too good to be true but guess what, is great and also very much true! If you wish to experience relaxation at its best, you will not be disappointed, that much is guaranteed.

Avant-Garde Spa Treatments

At The Spa, treatments can range from the very basic, such as a typical Swedish massage, to the craziest, such as body treatments using gold and crushed diamond dust in scrubs and creams. If you are looking for some truly innovative spa rituals on the level of what you get in Hollywood and beyond; rituals which are designed to invigorate you to the fullest while calming down the stressed muscles of the body, you will find that and more at the spa in FIVE Palm Jumeirah.

The treatments are meant to evoke the elemental nature of the sun, sand and clear skies; a perfect fusion of the hotel’s roots and its Middle Eastern theme. This unique blend makes for some of the finest spa treatments you can have (which, incidentally, several celebrities are known to have as well). Certainly a feast for the senses; the spa treatments are your gateway to a brand new dimension of relaxation, reinvigoration, opulent luxury and harmonic balance.

Aside from the above, the FIVE Palm Jumeirah spa also offers an entire range of unique and exquisite treatments, all with their own unique flavour and appeal, yet all affording the lucky visitor the best in sensory experiences. Call today and book a treatment with one of our specialists and transport yourself to a world filled with luxury and relaxation.


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