Traditional and exotic Hammam Treatments at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

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FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai

When we talk about unwinding from the daily grind of glitzy, glamorous Dubai, in a steamy, comforting and warm environment, the traditional Arabic hammam is one of the best experiences that you could have. And when you are in Dubai, it is a crime to miss out on one of these super-therapeutic treatments, especially with the already OTT city offering one of the most unique and innovative approaches to the traditional hammam.

The Hammam at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah

A hammam is a must-have in every major and minor Middle Eastern city. If the city doesn’t have it, it cannot be considered Middle Eastern and certainly will not be regarded as cool! The FIVE Palm Jumeirah has exotic hammam treatments to take you to the moon and back! The hammam room itself has a pleasing atmosphere, with shards of light shining through the slits in the ceiling, it turns the bottom into a space full of positive energy.

Following is the full list of hammam treatments you can avail at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah.

Reinvention of the Traditional Hammam, by Terres D’Afrique

Following are some of the more exotic treatments you can have while staying at the FIVE Palm Jumeirah.

The Balancing Hammam: Bringing the Mind and Body Together
This is a more exotic hammam treatment, combining a deep exfoliating session with Moroccan soap, and an essential oil massage, which leaves your body feeling relaxed and your mind wandering out of this world, in a good way!

The Detox Hammam: Cleansing Inside Out
This treatment helps you get rid of excess toxins through an exfoliating rub, followed by a detoxifying body massage, and a super-relaxing Indian head massage. You are bound to come out of the experience feeling like a reinvigorated million bucks!

The Fusion Hammam: All-in-One Treatment
Imagine a negative energy clearance ritual, exfoliating mud mask, head massage, and a detoxifying essential oil massage all rolled into one treatment! That is the stuff of dreams, and it is exactly what you get when you go for the Fusion Hammam.

Traditional Hammam Treatments, by marocMaroc

For those traveling to and around Dubai, a hammam offers a level of rest and relaxation that they would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. And the traditional hammam at FIVE Palm Jumeirah takes it up a notch, bringing opulence and luxury to the fore with each treatment.

The Traditional Hammam: Quintessentially Middle-Eastern
The OG hammam; this treatment is for those looking to experience old-school Middle-Eastern hospitality at its finest, and leave the hammam room feeling like a Sultan!

Signature Hammam: A FIVE Original
This treatment features a scalp massage, hair mask, facial treatment and stretching ritual along with the traditional hammam experience, adding to the luxury of the traditional.

Indulgent Hammam: Indulgence and Opulence at their Best

A multi-technique massage and an Ougent d’Argan application are what set this treatment apart from the rest. You are bound to feel like a different person altogether, and even have an out-of-body experience, since this treatment relaxes at a whole new level!

Ceremonial Massage: Moroccan Traditional brought to Life
This treatment takes you on a complete sensory journey, allowing you to drift away into another realm of relaxation, and leave the hammam feeling rejuvenated to the core.

Whether you are visiting The Spa for some alone time or booking a day with your friends, a hammam treatment is a must to unleash your happy hormones so you can take on what life sends you like a pro. Schedule one of our decedent hammam treatments today and transport yourself to an indulgent and luxurious time.

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